Meet the Youth Ministry Team

Jonathan and Abigail Waller

Dee and Chelsea Humphrey
Jeremy and Andrea Ryan
Brandon and Gina Conley
Len and Heather Dean
Amanda Rentz
Jesse and Dani Hall
Truman Henderson
Dylan and Faith
Pierce and Trish Taunton

Biblical Teachings

Come and be a part of the fun and exciting youth services at Southwest Baptist Church! Join in as we worship together as one in the body of Christ and seek to grow spiritually as believers by diving deeper into the word of God and striving to spread the gospel message to the lost.

Not just in the Building!

Take part in growing in your faith with Southwest Baptist Church through our off-campus ministries! Whether it's attending a summer/winter camp, mission trips, or off-campus outings, serving the Lord has never been more exciting! 

Spreading the Gospel Message

 Come and get plugged in and discover all the ways in which to not only grow spiritually with other believers but to take part in the mission of helping spread the gospel message to others.